Cell Charge


Cell Charge delivers the essential nutrients your cells need to function optimally, every day.

Cell Charge is a natural, full-spectrum Mineral, Vitamin, Amino and Fulvic Acid liquid suspension supplement.

60ml dropper bottle.

Dose: 1 drop per 10kg of bodyweight.

1 bottle lasts an average adult 4-5 months - that's less than 70c per day!


Gluten Free

Dairy Free




Fast Friendly


Gluten Free

Dairy Free




Fast Friendly

Additional Information

Restful Sleep

Wake up feeling well rested and energised

Balanced Mood

Levelled out mood swings, reduction in anxiety, feelings of laziness and depression

Sustained Energy

No more afternoon energy drops with stimulant free, day-long energy

Settled Gut

Less bloating, stomach aches, general discomfort and diarrhoea


Less colds and faster recovery when sick


No more brain fog, ability to focus and ignore distractions

More Effective

Better absorption and results with other supplements and vitamins

Faster Exercise

Less soreness and fatigue with the ability to exercise back-to-back

Just a few drop a day...

Boosts your intake of all the essential micronutrients allowing your cells to function optimally allowing you to feel the way you know you're supposed to: vibrant, youthful and happy with sustained day-long energy, glowing skin and a clear mind.

Cell Charge supports your body with essential micronutrients 

If you feel tired, have a lack of energy, experience mood issues, gut problems or brain fog... chances are you're suffering a micronutrient deficiency. Replacing the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally can be the best and fastest way to feel better.

People love Cell Charge

Mental clarity is so much better (which is huge when I'm doing uni work) and I can focus more.

My appetite has changed so I'm not wanting to eat as often or as much (which is a good thing as I ate more than my brothers!!!)

It also feels like I'm able to sustain energy from my good longer which is probably why I don't feel the need to eat as often.

Day-to-day energy is so much better too!


With the amount of training volume I am doing on a daily basis can be quite taxing on the body and the recovery for me was quite demanding being an older athlete.

The ability for my body to recover during workouts was getting quite challenging and in the last 3 months taking Cell Charge morning and evening I found the recovery to be a lot quicker during workout. My ability to turn around 15 minutes after a workout was one of the main benefits I felt after taking Cell Charge.

I found that Cell Charge helped me maintain my energy levels throughout the day just so I can backup and keep training. Rather than having dip and troughs throughout the day, it feels like my energy levels stay maintained throughout the day.

I'd recommend Cell Charge to anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle and get through their daily routines a lot easier.


As a shift worker, this is the only thing that keeps me healthy and keeps me going.


Helped my skin! My sleep! My mood!

The only supplement this buzz junkie takes anymore xx


I just overall feel better taking 7 drops a day.

Love this stuff. It's the real deal 100%


Taken all through pregnancy and now through breastfeeding, I feel it’s the thing keeping me going


I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 3 years old and have struggled my entire life to keep my blood sugar levels stabilised day-to-day.

Cell charge has literally been a life saver for me and has made drastic improvements with not just my blood sugar levels, but my entire quality of life. I enjoy far more stable blood sugars with far less drug intervention and couldn’t recommend cell charge enough.


...I feel more energy, calmness, sleep better and better gut health (which I've had issues for years due to heavy metal toxicity).

If I have a pre-workout or stimulant with it I find it amplifies the effect so I can use less for a greater result.


My 12 yr old daughter had the flu 2 weeks prior to her state netball champs, I pumped cell charge into her day and night and the recovery was amazing.. she went away to state and played 18 1/2 games of C over the 3 days.. love this stuff


I've been using this supplement for a few years now. The biggest difference I found with this supplement was sleep. I have never slept on night shift and always tried many many options/supplements, However, after I started taking Cell Charge daily, I went form 2 hours to 6 hours sleep per day.


I haven’t had my all day nausea/morning sickness hungover feeling since day 2 of using this. My 2 year old has had tonsillitis 6 times in the past 12 months and started showing signs of getting it again with a cough and blocked nose etc, he has been on it for two days, his nose has stopped running, his eyes don’t look “sick” and “heavy” anymore and the tonsillitis didn’t come back so antibiotics were not needed! I have us both on a morning and night dose to start!


I first started using Cell Charge just over 12 months ago as part of a protocol for fighting breast cancer as naturally as possible. I can’t even begin to describe the positive changes in my health and body from following the protocol. I literally haven’t been sick in the past year. My joints feel easier and more fluid. My energy levels are more constant. And best of all I’ve just been given the all clear on the cancer. Now I’m not saying Cell Charge cured me, but I am saying it played an important role in making my health so vibrant my body was able to take care of itself. And isn’t that what a good supplement is supposed to do?

My daughters (2 and 4) take it too. We mix it with some Manuka honey and they love it. It’s great to know I’m supporting their growing bodies too.


I've had issues with gut and bowel health for years... partly from a very large polyp and partly from food sensitivity. After removing the polyp I focused on my food. Although better....I still had mild gut discomfort more often than not and would have major discomfort / pain on average 3 to 4 times per week. The worst was when I thought I'd avoided trigger foods only to get sick. It was exhausting and depressing. I started using cell charge and within days I noticed the difference. On most days I literally feel nothing in my gut. I have discomfort maybe 3 to 4 days a month now and I can always pinpoint the food that caused it. Without the discomfort I'm feeling healthier and more energetic.....and even get to the gym more often. Cell charge definitely works for me and has made a huge difference in my life.


Been feeling great taking the Cell charge... Awesome product 😊


*Please note: The names and images of some of our customers above have been changed to respect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.

Cell Charge

Cell Charge has been the answer for...

  • Athletes looking for a natural edge in recovery and endurance
  • People looking to reduce the signs of ageing and sun damaged skin
  • New and expecting Mums who want optimal health for both themselves and their bub
  • Elderly people feeling their physical and mental capacities starting to slip
  • Busy professionals who require their mental performance to run at peak levels all-day
  • Tired and busy parents who want their energy and vitality back
  • People with chronic disease and illnesses
  • People suffering from digestive problems
  • Kid's & teenagers who won't eat their veggies and don't ever want to make bedtime or get up for school

Cell Charge has worked for thousands of Australians via prescription and recommendation through Nutritional Clinics, Doctors Offices and Naturopathic Stores as well as online.

We are proud to have played a role in improving the lives of our customers and strive to help many more.