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Just a few drops a day can... drastically improve your recovery, boost your energy, increase sleep quality & fight stress




77 Organic Trace Minerals, 18 Amino Acids & 38 Electrolytes


Cell Charge represents the missing link in human nutrition. Poor soil quality, less than optimal food choices and the stress of daily life is robbing people of the micronutrients necessary for optimal cellular health. At just a few drops a day, Cell Charge is one the most potent organically sourced / plant based mineral product on the market


It's not what you eat, it's what you ABSORB!
Cell Charge replaces the delicate mineral balance that we once were capable of getting from our food. There is not a cellular or enzymatic reaction in the human body that doesn’t require minerals. Minerals are literally the catalysts that allow these reactions to occur, therefore a low mineral status results in poor cellular function & enzyme production.

What Is It?

CELL CHARGE is a 100% Natural, Organic Plant based Mineral concentrate supplying 77 highly absorbable trace minerals, 38 electrolytes & 18 amino acids, bound (chelated) to the highest concentration of fulvic acid found anywhere in the world. We guarantee a fulvic acid potency ranging from 15%-22%. Click here to see the full list of ingredients.

Why You NEED To Take Cell Charge...


Used By Thousands Of Athletes, Business Professionals And Everyday People
To increase energy, quality of sleep, recovery, performance and more... Cell Charge is not only a favourite for top performers all over the world, everyday people that are looking for an overall health and wellness boost are experiencing the benefits of taking a few drops of concentrated Cell Charge each day.
"Cell Charge is the best supplement I've ever used; I constantly perform better, have less injury & just feel great"

Who Should Take Cell Charge?



  •  Endurance Athletes: Who push their bodies hard on a daily basis, and require the best in oxidative and metabolic support.
  •  High Performance Athletes: Who are looking to increase nutrient uptake at the cellular level and reduced recovery time.
  •  Extreme Sports Athletes:Who are looking for better cognition and brain function, faster recovery and electrolyte replacement.
  •  Boost the Performance of Your Current Nutrition & Other Supplements: Trace nutrients can aid in the absorption of your current nutrition and supplements.  It does little good taking vitamins, if you lack certain trace elements or minerals that are required to utilise and absorb them.
Entrepreneurs & Professionals
  •  Increased mental performance: Boost cognition, reduce brain fog and experience overall mental clarity.
  •  Energy Boost: Revitalise every cell in your body and experience a constant ‘trickle charge’ of energy to your cells. A lack of even one trace elements can cause you to feel sluggish and run down for no apparent reason.
  •  Immunity: No sick days! Our customers always report reduced illness and faster recovery from sickness.
  • More Restful & Sound Sleep:Make sure those few hours you grab are QUALITY ones. Fall asleep faster and wake feeling refreshed ready to attack the day.
Everyday People

  • More Balanced Appetite: Increase the absorption of nutrients from the food and supplements you already consume, stop your body craving for minerals and trace elements that keep you feeling hungry.
  •  Fight the Ageing Process: Cell charge is a potent antioxidant, protecting your cells from the oxidative damage that occurs on a daily basis. Stress and poor nutrition lead to the production of free radicals that inevitably lead to cellular demise
  •  Stimulate Metabolism: Look and feel better with increased cell function.
Anyone with Symptoms of:
  • Fatigue
  •  Insomnia
  •  Immunocompromisation
  •  Mineral deficiency
  •  Toxic overload, including heavy metal toxicity
  •  Adrenal insufficiency
  •  Electrolyte imbalance
  •  Poor nutrient assimilation
  •  Significant oxidative stress
  •  Muscle cramps and spasms just to name a few. (See product specs and videos for more info)
  •  Post viral syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a bottle of Cell Charge last? Most people find a bottle of Cell Charge lasts between 3-4 months.
  • Do you ship to the USA? Yes! We ship Cell Charge worldwide.
  • Can I take Cell Charge with other supplements? Yes, in fact we recommend it. Cell Charge actually boosts the absorption of your other supplements making them significantly more powerful!
  • How do I take it? 1 drop per 10kg/22lb of bodyweight, once daily in water, juice or a protein shake.
  • How long until I feel the effects? Immediately! Cell Charge begins working it's magic from the first dose!
  • Can I take Cell Charge while pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes. Cell Charge is not contraindicated in pregnancy or lactation.
  • Can I give Cell Charge to my children? Certainly! It's perfectly safe for children and is dosed according to bodyweight.
  • How long does it last? Cell Charge has a 10 year shelf.

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